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Liberty Plaza phone shops are vital mobile smartphone shoppers in Colombo and as well as in Sri Lanka. Liberty Plaza shopping complex and Pettah market play a role as mobile hub, and both has significant amount of cellular spots. When you plan to buy a phone, you would probably visit Liberty Plaza.

Colombo has some shopping malls such as Majestic City, Independence Arcade Square, Marino Mall, Colombo City Centre, and newly built & eye-catching One Galle Face. Liberty Plaza shopping malls is old and first shopping mall in Sri Lanka. When you compare Liberty Plaza with new malls, they could simply outrun Liberty Plaza in terms of modern architecture style, infrastructure facility and other modern and technological facilities.

However, other shopping malls would not outmatch Liberty Plaza if you consider in mobile phone business. Literally, Liberty Plaza is equal to a phones plaza due to high number of cellphone shops. It hosts about 50 shops. It offers latest and a wide variety of cell phones at affordable prices.

Liberty Plaza phone shops and services

Apart from phone shops, there are mobile phone repair centers, service centers and mobile accessories shops. They also support the mobile phone business at the mall, and it makes the mall as cellphone plaza! Also, it has cellular showrooms and service centers of popular brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi (Mi), etc.

You might aware that this shopping complex is popular for handphones while you can buy local and international brand items such as textiles, jewelry, food, accessories, etc. It is the first, oldest and iconic shopping complex in Sri Lanka and opened in 1985. It is located at No 300, RA de Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03 (Kollupitiya), Sri Lanka. The complex closes in Sunday and public holidays. It is located about 4 km away from Pettah, the main transport and business spot in the greater Colombo.

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