Xiaomi Redmi Note series has sold over 240 million phones globally

According to Xiaomi, The Redmi Note series has reportedly sold over 240 million devices worldwide. The Xiaomi said in February that global sales of the Redmi Note series smartphones had surpassed 200 million units. Further, the last seven months, the series has sold another 40 million units. In the Q3, it reaches 240 million devices.

The Xiaomi released the first Redmi Note series in 2014. Since then, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has released a slew of new devices, the most recent of which is the Redmi Note 11 series.

Xiaomi also announced that by the end of October / November, it would reach the 10,000 stores globally.

Due to the growth a common question rise that how would the Redmi Note series perform in future? The corporation, Xiaomi, would follow a two-generations-per-year plan. The first generation will improve performance, while the second generation will clean things up. The devices in the series are expected to cost roughly CNY 2,500 (US$ 390 / €340) which is about LKR 79,000 and tax and other factor would add some more thousands.

Xiaomi’s ever-expanding retail network aids worldwide expansion; by the end of 2021 Q3, there will be 10,000 Xiaomi outlets throughout the world, according to Xiaomi’s the President of the International Division.

Shenzhen Happy Harbor Store is expected to be the 10,000th store. The company aims to cover 80 percent of China’s counties, with certain places already having 100 percent coverage.

Due to Huawei’s struggle with Google, the Xiaomi takes upper hand. However, Western countries concern to throw away Chinese smartphones.

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