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Mobile phone users would interestingly know the Samsung phone price in Sri Lanka. For a quick understanding, you could find Samsung phone price in Sri Lanka at the Phone Hub. It lists latest mobile phone prices though a few shops with price comparison.

Users love Samsung for its durability. It has nice looking & stylish appearance, and updated technologies including Android upgrade. It also have low budget phone to flagship phone that almost has same price as Apple iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy

When we think about Samsung phones, we cannot ignore Galaxy. Nowadays, a few Galaxy series are famous. However, Samsung has a long history and it count as A, B, C, D, F, G, J, M, N, P, R, S, U, X and Z series. In addition, there are Note, Ativ, Gravity series, Minikit, Omnia, Rugby, REX, Ultra Edition and Nexus S. The series has even long list and many of them are not in market and live in history as discontinued lines. Today, the following Galaxy series are popular models:

  • Samsung Galaxy A series
  • Samsung Galaxy F series
  • Samsung Galaxy M series
  • Samsung Galaxy S series
  • Samsung Galaxy Z series

The Galaxy A series starts from entry level to flagship entry level. The first model (1st generation) was released in 2014. It also known as A Series, Galaxy A and Galaxy Alpha. It runs on Android and uses Exynos (2014 – present), Qualcomm Snapdragon (2014-2016, 2018 – present), MediaTek (2019 – present) and UNISOC (2022 – present) chips. 2022 release models belong to 8th generation.

The F series are midrange phones and the first model (Samsung Galaxy F41) released in in 2020.

The M series are exclusive budget and upper mid-range phones, and the first models (M10 and M20) were released in 2019. It uses Exynos (2019–present), Qualcomm Snapdragon (2019–present) and MediaTek (2020–present) chips. It developed from its predecessor J series (2015-2019).

The S series are high-end and Samsung’s flagship smartphone as discontinued Galaxy Note series. The first model was announced in 2010.

The Z series are foldable, high-end and flagship smartphones. Samsung’s future foldable and flip model smartphones would be Z series.

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