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Phone Hub Font is an OpenType font that designed by It is a free font that features smartphone symbol in each alphabetic character. It designed as a glyph type – an ornamental groove and frieze aka symbolic figure & character. Its file type / extension is TTF, but it designed system is OTF.

What is OpenType and what the difference between OTF and TTF type fonts?

OpenType font type is scalable computer font format. It is based on its predecessor TrueType. TTF rely on basic structure of TTF. However, Open Type fonts allow adding more structures including typographic behavior, and it is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Also, Adobe contributed to this format. Due to wide availability, flexibility, TrueType standard and diverse behaviors, the OpenType fonts are common to major computer platforms.

TTF fonts depend solely on a glyph table while OTF fonts can either have glyph tables or Compact Font Format (CCF), and OTF also adds a few smart font features (additional language support, sfnt structure, etc). The TTF font files are less prolific and often much bigger compared to Open Type fonts. True Type fonts seem older version, but it still so much popular than OTF formats. When it comes to creating font, TTF is much easier to make than OTF.

How to install font?

You can download the font file here. It comes compressed in zip folder (Phone After the completion of download, unzip it by right-clicking the zip file and then clicking Extract. Once you extract the file, you see an OpenType font file (Phone Hub.ttf).

There are a few methods to install fonts. Simple method is open the file (by double click) and you could see as follows:

Phone Hub font view
Phone Hub font preview

You have to click Install button, and the font will be installed and ready to use. You can confirm the installation by location the font in C:\Windows\Fonts folder (The path might change as per your system’s installation). Also, the newly installed font will appear on the list of fonts in your software such as MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Why do you want to use Phone Hub font?

Since the Phone Hub font is an ornamental groove and frieze aka symbolic figure & character, you can use for graphic designs and symbolic purposes. It is also good for headings. The font is very light and it is only 28 KB (compressed file is 16 KB). It is good for creating quick logos. Also, you can use it for bullet symbol, mobile phone specifications and social media icon.

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  1. Nice font. Good work 👏

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