Apple Store in Sri Lanka

Do you know any Apple Store in Sri Lanka? Where is the Apple Showroom located in Sri Lanka? If you were an Apple lover, you would ask these types of questions. Sadly, there no official Apple Shop in the country. However, most phone shops sell Apple products. Moreover, some shops dedicated only for Apple brand. In Colombo, you can find such shops and some notable shops are as follows in the table:

Apple Store LankaLiberty Plaza
Apple AsiaWellawatte
Apple MallLiberty Plaza
AppleStore alike shops in Colombo

Some shops are not 100% seriously stand as “Apple only” since they sell other brands such as JBL, etc.

Authorization & Apple Store

The above example shops are not official or authorized shops. However, there are authorized dealers and authorized service providers. Authorized dealers sell Apple products under their company name. For an example: Abans is an Apple Authorized Dealer, and it sells Apple products and other brand products under its name, Abans.

Apple Store is an official store, and it owns by Apple Inc. In Sri Lanka, there is no official Store of Apple. However, some shops act like Apple’s Showroom by selling only Apple stuffs. Also, their showroom gives atmosphere that resemble like original Apple Shop. For an example: Apple Store Lanka Private Limited is located at the Liberty Plaza shopping complex in Colombo 03 (Kollupitiya). Its showroom is filled with Apple products and its showroom setup is like Apple Showroom.

Why Apple does not open its official showroom in Sri Lanka?

As common business strategy, the brand goes where there is huge reputation and nature of business such as importance of business hub and quantity of users. Places like Dubai and Singapore have business hub nature since huge number of people around the world visits those cities every day. Therefore, quantity of users automatically increases. Sri Lanka does not have such status since it is a developing country.

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